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Diary of a Mad Woman
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This song is almost 20 years old! I keep getting older, wtf? This song definitely did not get enough play, ever.

"Christine, where have you been, how many died for you?
Christine, why does it seem it's never enough for you?
Egypt is falling...
What does it mean?"

Seriously, what is this song even about?

Such a great song! Such a bad video. The 80s!

This song.

I've been reading the Bible. I've always wanted to actually read the whole thing, so I've been doing it, and sometimes it's really boring, but lately it has been fascinating! The Old Testament God is an arbitrary and capricious homicidal maniac. It really makes me wonder if any of the people who worship this God have actually read this book?

For instance, the Lord brought the people out of Egypt with all his miracles and stuff, and then in the mountains he gave them all these sorts of specific and strange rules, and pages and pages of very particular and minute instructions for clothing and interior design, but oftentimes he and Moses were up on the mountain talking and ignoring all the people while he came up with all this hogwash for them to do.

At some point Moses and God were gone for a long while (I think it was during the detailed instructions on some special perfume that God wanted made special for himself and that nobody else would be allowed to use for any other purpose ever) the people were like, Hey, let's make a golden calf and worship it and thank it for delivering us from Egypt! And the Lord found out and was really pissed off about this and told Moses he was going to KILL ALL OF THEM.

Moses said, "Whoa whoa wait a minute, do you have any idea what the Egyptians are going to think when they find out that you rescued all these people from Egypt just to go off and slaughter them all in the mountains? They're going to think you're evil! [Because I'm sure they didn't already think that after all the plagues and after after losing all their first born sons...] Also, God, you would be breaking your own word that you swore to You, because you told Abraham and some other guys that you would multiply their offspring, not KILL THEM ALL!"

So the Lord was like, "Fine, fine. Whatever. I won't kill them all." And he shoved his hands in his pockets and kicked some rocks.

But then it gets even more insane, because Moses came down from the mountain and saw the people worshiping a golden calf and thanking it for releasing them from Egypt, and he was so pissed off that he broke the stone tablets with the ten commandments and yelled at Aaron and destroyed the calf and said to his people, "Who here is on the Lord's side? Come to me."

So a bunch of the people came over to Moses. Then he told them to go get their swords, and go door to door in the camp and kill their own brothers, companions, sons and neighbors. AND THEY DID. O_O

obama didnt deserve to win

Thanks for the reminder, jackbabalon23!

I wish people on the Internet would stop being so wrong about everything.

I just want everyone to know that I have been boycotting Chik Fil A for years. I was doing it way before it was cool, and people used to laugh at me and finish their chicken biscuits when I told them they were supporting Christian fundamentalist terrorists. Who's laughing now, biscuit-eaters?

Also -- I lost 1.4 pounds! Not the 2 pounds I was hoping to lose, but then again I did cheat on my diet a little. But only with food that doesn't hate the gays.

I've watched the series and I'm halfway through the first book, Game of Thrones, and I figured out who his mother is.

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"I was never just an ordinary girl who underwent a transformation
I always thought that I could see the stars and watch them grow in my hands
But my mind was bigger than the world
My choice was being born a girl"

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